"Unbreakable" Liner notes

Recorded in July of 2019 at Melody Mountain Studios, Stephenville, Texas. 

Produced, engineered and mixed by: 
Josh Serrato, Jon Young, Cody Angel and Ben Hussey 

Mastered by Nick Landis Mastering, Austin TX. 

Our Players: 
Jon Young: Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitars 
Josh Serrato: Electric Guitar, Keys, Harmonium 
Cody Angel: Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar
Andrew Pippin: Electric Guitar
Ben Hussey: Bass
Logan Bowers: Drums   

Additional Vocal Harmonies: (in order of appearance) 
Cade Schmutz
Ben Hussey
Jackie Darlene  
Roy Hakins

All songs written by Jon Young except 

"Wayfaring Stranger" by Traditional Folk