Relic Liner Notes

Recorded in July of 2016 at Melody Mountain Studios, Stephenville, Texas.

Produced, engineered and mixed by:
Josh Serrato, Jon Young and Ben Hussey

Mastered by Robert Wright at Sunnyside Studios, Nashville, TN.

Our Players:
Jon Young: Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitars
Josh Serrato: Electric Guitar, Drums, Keys, Mandolin, Dobro and Aux Percussion
Ben Hussey: Bass and Upright Bass Guitars
Dan Emmett: Violins 
David Wade: Saxaphone
Alcedrick Todd: Trumpet
Robert Wright: Additional Keys

Additional Vocal Harmonies: (in order of appearance) 
Robert Wright: "Rubble and Relics"
Brandon Adams: "Killing Kind" and "Oh the Things I Have Seen"
Randall King: "Oh the Things I Have Seen"
Kensie Coppin: "Oh the Things I Have Seen" and "Crazy"
Kaitlin Butts: "Oh the Things I Have Seen"
Mike McClure: "Oh the Things I Have Seen"

All songs written by Jon Young except
"Killing Kind" by Jon Young and Brandon Adams
"Crazy" originally recorded by Gnarls Barkley (Brian Burton, Thomas Callaway, Gian Franco Reverberi, Gian Piero Reverberi)